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Talk to the other guys

I just had a school reunion.

There were 3 events, 2 evening, and 1 during the day. I made time to attend all 3. At each event, I tried to speak with folks I had not seen for a long time. Even some folks I'll admit I didn't remember, or get along with during school.

It's been long enough that I didn't remember why I avoided them back them, or it didn't matter. What did matter was if I could help them out in my current situation.

Everyone knows everyone else

After working in this space long enough, reputations and networks start to overlap.

Keep your reputation intact. There will always be cross over. I am always amused at the reputations that are shared.

Blogs/facebook/linkedin are all part of your online reputation. Things said can not be unsaid.

In small niches, and regions, your reputation will spread quickly.

Keep asking questions

Keep doing market research, ask questions, and have an open mind.
Listen to the yes answers, listen to the no answers.

But most of all, listen to your customers who would pay you. No one else really matters.

Those who understand your customers are only insights. They are not your customers, so don't put too much weight on those answers.

Still learning

Sometimes, if you're going to do something, do it. And worry about the consequences later.

Right now, I'm looking a the new site, and realizing how sharp a cut it was to do at 11 PM at night. But what's done is done, and with the cut over, a slew of new efforts will be required.

Truth is, this went into hibernation for a while, so while it's a rough way to restart a blog, it is a restart. And should be handled this way.

WJF Event last Saturday

This was a fun event to attend.  I got pulled in as a panelist, but the businesses that had made the finals were not pipedreams.  There were groups already up and running, and needing just a little bit more juice.

NYTimes: Building a Green Economy

From The New York Times:

Building a Green Economy

How we can afford to tackle climate change.

I don't always agree with krugman. However, on this element of
building a green economy. I am in agreement.

big water bill coming

4 different ideas, but all touching on the big problem that water has become in the United States.

More M&A

I've seen and heard about a lot of M&A activity since Jan.  More noise than in a very long time. 
It looks like the Ibankers are keeping busy, but right now, cash is king.
Many valuations are lower than they would have been just 2 cycles ago.
But the good news for investors getting out is that these deals are getting done.

slides for a 10 min presentation

I was asked to give advice on what to tell entrepreneurs who are going to be given 10 minutes for a presentation:
Here are some simple thoughts
10 min = 8 slides.
Put the Benefit as the first slide (why does any customer care if this company exists?)
Put the Market as the second slide (is this company worth paying attention to?)
Put the resources being looked for as the second slide (why should the audience be in the room?)

NYTimes: Saving U.S. Water and Sewer Systems Would Be Costly

I usually say that by the point where a nytimes article is written
about VC it is already covering well known issues. I'm hoping that's
the case with this water utilities article. It is a major problem. And
one that affects millions in this country. And a problem few see and
few care about.

The right way of doing things is to have a potable water system
separate from the firefighting system. But that is too radical an idea.

From The New York Times:

TOXIC WATERS: Saving U.S. Water and Sewer Systems Would Be Costly

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