are scientists bad entrepreneurs?

Don't really know the answer to this one.

But I was talking with a classmate of mine who was teaching scientists, and I realized what was encouraged in science could be detrimental in business.


She was teaching her students how to think by taking a group out to the beach and telling them that low tide was at 9:22 and to find the tidal zone.


she gave one group 2 1meter long sticks

another group got 2 meter long sticks and 100m long string

a third group she gave basic surveying equipment.


each of the groups went out and did their best.


the team with the 1 meter sticks has the best morphology of the land.

the survey team has the fastest and most accurate answer, but was it a useful answer or even the right answer?

did the students know to look at the phase of the moon (one did)

in trying to understand everything, they were confounded and encouraged.


In business, I would have probably shot them all.

Most times, you don't have the luxury of time/resources to solve for everything. but you should be able to solve for the elements you need.

This is where priority is important, and to know WHY you're doing what you're doing.  That Why is determined by your customers, and that becomes the key thing to prioritize.