Question I don't answer - Who are my Customers?

I was going over the questions I've been asked as an investor, and questions that I hope/wish new entrepreneurs would ask.  And then I considered if there are any questions I would not answer.

There is one question I won't answer.

"Who are my customers?"

Sometimes I know the answer, often times I will have no idea.

But that's not the rationale for not answering.

The reason is the title of this blog.

If an entrepreneur doesn't understand his industry/business well enough to identify the customer, then there's no business to work with/save.


I would rather the entrepreneur stop at that point, and go do something else.  Or find a job with someone else.  Someone who can identify their customer, and learn what that means.

Just because there's money to be made in a different industry, doesn't mean that it's the right industry for everyone.  Each entrepreneur has different skills/strengths/networks.