Euro breakup finally

It finally happened.


We are seeing Germany finally decide that they don't want to keep funding the southern europe lifestyle.  Spain, Italy,Greace.  all the PIIGS and others are being left out.  The euro might become a defacto mark within a short time.

Germany and its population has no desire to carry the weight any longer.  The Euro existed because countries like Germany and France were willing to let some others slide. The time for that to stop has come.


No government, or combination of government is stronger than the market.  And the market as a whole has no loyalty to any one organization or entity.  Arbitrage scenarios will be pounded.  HFT systems will pounce on errors, and abuse every poorly thought out transaction.


But that's for another rant.


This is a prediction that by the end of 2013, the Euro will not exist in the form we recognized it as today. 7-24-2012