Americans won't buy electric cars

USA Today poll shows most folks won't buy an electric vehicle.

There are fears that folks have on buying electric cars. Valid or not, addressable or not, these are fears people have.

The General retail consumer will not be the decision maker on electric vehicles. Fleet vehicle purchases will determine the success or failure of electric vehicles. Companies/groups that are worried about the overall cost of transportation would be attracted to a cost of $0.01 per mile instead of $0.30. But that's only if the capital costs can be seen as reasonable.

Pilot projects have been tried, redesign of vehicles, new components, etc. but if economics and financial return are not at the end of the shift, it won't get done. Just as important, the timing of the savings is a component to be considered. A DCF or other model is not as compelling if the decision maker does not get credit for the risk and reward.