Happy Holidays

Here's a quick email announcement I had sent to coworkers/portfolio and anyone else I needed to inform. However, just in case, I'm also posting it on my blog:

Happy Holidays,

In light of all the progress and opportunities that have occurred in impact investing, I will be dedicating more of my resources to the field this coming year. I am still available at Calvert, but will be decreasing my time as I pursue new opportunities. One project I am working on is bringing foundation PRI money into early stage investing, and another focuses on opportunities in China.

Having learned one lesson from all the entrepreneurs who have run out of cash, I will make myself available to work on additional consulting projects as well. I will continue to be available via email or my linkedin profile.


One favor that would assist me greatly is a recommendation or referral either on linkedin or letterhead for my files.

I know I have missed several folks in this announcement, please share this announcement along with my apologies.


Jean-Luc Park