Talk to the other guys

I just had a school reunion.

There were 3 events, 2 evening, and 1 during the day. I made time to attend all 3. At each event, I tried to speak with folks I had not seen for a long time. Even some folks I'll admit I didn't remember, or get along with during school.

It's been long enough that I didn't remember why I avoided them back them, or it didn't matter. What did matter was if I could help them out in my current situation.

But most folks don't like to network with "other" folks, people outside their industry, or outside their own groups. But events like reunions/etc are ideal to branch out your network. Folks want you to succeed.

The types of careers that folks were in consisted of a large variety of areas. From journalists and news reporters, to career military or start-up companies.

It is not always easy, or comfortable to network. And I will be the first to admit I didn't get to spend as much time with old friends as I could have, or should have. But I did rekindle friendships, and perhaps start new networks with old classmates.

With my old friends, it was fantastic to catch up and hear where they were. But had I missed an event, it would have been less time to connect and enjoy

No matter what the situation, make an effort to reach out to the other guys.