slides for a 10 min presentation

I was asked to give advice on what to tell entrepreneurs who are going to be given 10 minutes for a presentation:
Here are some simple thoughts
10 min = 8 slides.
Put the Benefit as the first slide (why does any customer care if this company exists?)
Put the Market as the second slide (is this company worth paying attention to?)
Put the resources being looked for as the second slide (why should the audience be in the room?)

First have the entrepreneur explain WHY they make money, and stay in business.
Then later, explain HOW they make money and stay in business.
Then finally explain with WHAT/WHO they make money and stay in business.
A good presentation only gets people to visit the booth.  That's all.  Don't put in too much information, most investors don't study the slides too closely.
If you ever have to apologize for putting up an eye chart, CUT THE SLIDE.
Few people understand that when you're up there for 10 minutes, you're a storyteller, you are putting on a show, you are entertainment.  If/when you fail to do this correctly, you'll be ignored by most.
If you tell a good story, then people will know if they should or should not go to your booth.  having someone not show up and waste your time is always better than burning time with the wrong type of investor.