Successful MITEF event at Canadian Embassy

Last night was a fantastic event for the MITEF Winter Gala at the Canadian Embassy.


There was a great crowd of entrepreneurs and other folks in the entrepreneurial ecosystem.


I wanted to thank Ruth Currier and Benjamin Eliasoph of the Canadian Embassy for their efforts in pulling off the event.  I've known Benjamin for a couple of years, and he's been a fantastic contact at the Embassy.


The speakers were Phil Auserwald and Jean-Rene Halde.


Really the only stumbling block was when I failed to give Phil's full bio in my introduction.


The sponsors of the forum:

Mike Verga and the IP Engineering Group of Connolly, Bove, Hurtz and Lodge.

Amy Chian and Lawrence Kast of Honeywell.



And the entertainment by DJ Arnoldo


The team did a great job, the audience was very happy with the event, and it was a success.