US Post office to test electric vehicle

I've said for a while that it will not be the end consumer who decides when we switch to electric vehicles. It would be Fed Ex,  UPS, Postoffice or Walmart.  Someone who can use a fleet of vehicles.  Someone who can guarantee that a large enough volume of electric vehichles will be purchased to make it worth for a company to dedicate the efforts. 
Having a fleet of vehicles, and a team at the depot who can maintain the electric trucks, and make sure that the batteries are charged, the tires are at full pressure, etc. makes a huge difference.  The trucks also have set established routes, so with a good management system, you're able to keep track of how many miles and where each truck goes.  make sure the range is kept.  And because it is in a truck body, the weight of the batteries can be higher, and the trucks can go further.
Tesla's race car won't be the vehicle that takes us to an electric vehicle scenario.  This truck is going to be the type of car to drive us over the line.