If you can wait and not be tired by waiting,

You will need patience as an entrepreneur. Things will need to develop and mature. Sometimes the technology isn't mature enough. Or the process will take longer than you think. Especially when dealing with investors, you will need to wait. Today investors are going to take their time. They can't lose money by waiting, and so you will have to wait as well.

It will be maddening to just wait on investors. Go out and build your business. Talk with customers. Make sales. Waiting will get nothing more than waiting. Take the precious time, and do not expect more than waiting from investors. Not now, not when cash is king.


Sometimes the timing is wrong. The right idea and team come too soon. Can you afford to wait? Do you have the patience. Will you hold off on starting the company too soon. Instread, doing the background research. Making sure that the stars are all aligned before jumping in.

Small things can be the difference between success and failure. Don't underestimate the value of luck and timing. Somethings you can't prepare for. However, that is no excuse for not preparing.

Once you jump in the clock starts, and cash begins to burn fast. As exciting as running a company is, it has to be the right time. Wait and move when the time is right. Get tired of waiting and you will flame out too soon.

But this is not always true. There are many cases where you must begin. The discipline needed for success does not come naturally, and for many folks without the pressure of failure, they never hone the skills needed for success.

Part of the waiting is doing the things that are necessary to survive. Waiting for the right time to grow or expand. Not out racing your revenues or personel.

All this waiting is frustrating, but never worse than failing.