Quicker Faster Stronger Smarter Better

Olympic motto is: Swifter, Higher, Stronger.

I came up with my own motto(5 words) as a result of my competative spirit, and recognizing that there is always someone out there, now, or in the past, or in the future who will be equal to me in 4 aspects, and slightly better than me in the 5th. This is a variation of 'be paranoid' that drives some companies.

In verbose explaination:
Quicker: Someone will notice the opportunity before you do
Faster: Someone will GET to the opportunity before you do
Stronger: Someone can break through some barriers before you will.
Smarter: Someone will go AROUND the barriers no one can break through, while you're still trying to work your why through them.
Better: Sometimes he'll just achieve the goal before you. Wasn't because he saw it first, or could get there first, or went through an obstacle, or around a barrier. Sometimes you just lose.

If you can explain why no one else is Quicker/Faster/Stronger/Smarter/Better than you NOW, then you'll probably win.

Remember, time is a factor, someone could be quicker than you, but his race is already run. Someone could be better than you, but he's not yet learning to walk. These are not current competitors, and they're not in the race, yet.