Not Dead Yet

People have paraphrased Darwin as "Only the Strong survive." Which is an aggressive, and incorrect interpretation of "Survival of the fittest."

However, my favorite interpretation of is runs along the lines of. "What exists today, only exists because everyone else died off first." More of the survivor bias, instead of any intrinsic superiority in what we have now.

I'm finding a lot of this in the existing policies, companies and organizations today. Paperwork that at one point "seemed like a good idea" now is redundant or unnecessary. But just because it's a hassle, does not mean it will be eliminated. Not until the costs of revamping the system, are outweighed by the benefits of revamping.

Companies that are still hanging around, like the last vestiges of an old industry, remain until they either decompose or are eliminated with extreme prejudice.

In trying to make any culture change, bringing in a new process/method, even if it's better, remember to see what hasn't died off yet. After a while you'll be amazed at what remains, for no other reason than it's still around.