Entire Universe

Someone once asked me what made a 'great entrepreneur'.

Anyone can be an entrepreneur, just start a business. If you fail to go out of business, congratulations!

But good entrepreneurs know their business. They know the competition and they know their people.

Very good entrepreneurs are good entrepreneurs, but they also know their customers, and their suppliers, what makes each side tick. How their suppliers make money, and what the supplier's concerns are. Why the Customer buys from them and not someone else, and what the customer really wants, needs, gets.

But the best entrepreneurs, and these are few and rare. They understand the universe of their business. They not only know the people who touch and affect their business. But they undestand the elements that are coming over the horizon. They maneuver themselves so that when the lob comes from beyond view, they're not caught by it. It takes time, dedication, and effort to become one of these people. But they always command the respect and attention of everyone in the industry.