One man's opinion on Venture Capital Basics

No Guarantees

Lakers will win against Detroit in 2004.
Smarty Jones will win the Triple Crown.

No guarantees, not now, not ever.

Just because you're hard working, clever, and efficient has no determination on your success as a company.

Then again, just because everyone doesn't believe in you, doesn't mean they're right.

Success, and then what?

Don't be afraid of success. But realize that reaching the elusive goal is never the end. The ones out there working all their lives, spending all their time for one goal, sometimes the worst thing they can do is succeed.

If it's a Journey, then it's never ending. But if you manage to reach your goal, then what?

Some people stop so fast they get dizzy. Left adrift, with nothing else to strive for, they meander without cause.

Application vs. Platform.

Everyone wants to be a platform. Business plans are filled with the concept of getting customer validation, and providing the tools, while letting other people work on top of your systems.

Unfortunately, it rarely works that way. Most companies have to prove the usefulness of their platform with… an application! You’re going to need to prove and show why someone should choose to use your ideas, and pay you some money. Otherwise, they’ll invent their own platform/application, and you become another solution looking for a problem.

Who are you?

To define yourself is a difficult task.

Most people will go through life never having to figure out who they are, why they do what they do. And some will have a good life, never going through the self examination.

Companies can follow a similar pattern. Doing what they do, and never really caring much beyond what’s going on outside their shop. Customers come and go, suppliers move on. But your business just keeps going.

Bring it to the next level

There’s always someone out there who’s better than you. The only thing you can do is make sure they’re not playing in your game.

Is it a matter of avoiding the bigger sharks, picking your niches carefully. This is true in business, and in poker. Don’t set yourself in front the steamroller and try to outrun it. Instead find the niche that those guys are ignoring.

Sometimes, you might get lucky

I'll admit, if bio-diesel takes off, I can be considered lucky, not 'good' for getting into Calvert and the Green technology VC investing.,2554,63635,00.html

The article on Bio-diesel is showing the the Cleantech, Green sector of VC is in the news right now. Mostly because of oil prices. Prices are higher, not because of supply, but because of uncertainty.

First Class, or With Kids

There are only two types of travel,

First class or With Kids. One is much more enjoyable than the other. Another way to avoid the toddler situation is to travel when it’s night, and parents are too tired to deal with a screaming kid, so they tend to avoid that time. Mid week is also easier to avoid the weekend family packs.

Next time, I’ll plan better.

Good value

Went to visit Temecula in Southern California.

Wonderful wine, great scenery and a fantastic time.

Besides, when you go out and visit, don't do the same things you can do at home, try something else, something local, and fun.

Explore and try something new, it'll get you somewhere you haven't been before.

Cross Country flights

I should know better. When traveling across country, don't accept the lay-over in Chicago. Nothing good can come of this.

2 hour delay on the tarmac.

Instead of landing in Orange County, I end up in LA.

All the bars end up being closed by the time I get there.

But, the weather's wonderful, the people are pretty, and this is a wonderful place.

Now, if only they would do something about the taxes, it could be perfect. Either that or I have to find a way to make enough money that the taxes don't matter.

Playoffs - No Tomorrow

Complete sacrifice of all your resources.

This is why we enjoy the playoffs. Everyone knows, it's "Win or go home." No need to marshal your resources later. If you don't use your resources to win today, why play?

It works in games, and sports. Competitions, yes.

Not in life.

There are some resources that shouldn't be put on the line. These are the important aspects of life. First and foremost, living.
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