One man's opinion on Venture Capital Basics


Places you want to be, Places you have to be, and transportation to get to the places.

This fairly summarizes the locations you're in. OK, we can even incorporate 'transportation' as a "place you have to be". Inside a vehicle, the immediate (2 inches away) surroundings are pretty much the same.

Why consider this?

Nit picks in presentation.

Some how, you don't get extra points for doing something well, you just get deducted when things go wrong.

Proper use of English is one element to improve (this blog being a good example of what not to do).

In reviewing many powerpoint presentations, one simple mistake shows up a lot.
Inconsistent headers and formatting.

Perception vs. Reality.

After watching a few poker shows on TV, I realized the stark difference between what gets edited, and what ends up on the screen. Most poker tournaments last all day, what shows up on the small screen is maybe 45 minutes worth of play. We get to see exciting bluffs, and key points in the tournament when someone is eliminated, or when an underdog manages to catch one of the 2 cards that will let him win, out of the remaining 44 cards in the deck.

No Guarantees

USA lost to Puerto Rico in Basketball, with NBA players. No one is going to anoint them the gold medal winners this Olympics. If they’re going to win, they’re going to have to play. No sweep for them. Can it be done?

How to get a job in VC

Every so often, I'll be asked "How can I get a job in VC/Private Equity?" This is a good question. "Nice work, if you can get it, and if you get it, won't you tell me how."

I honestly don't know. Me, I got lucky. A friend, he went through the Kauffman Fellows program. Other folks made their millions first, and then started to invest with that money.

For Another outlook

Jerry Colonna has been a more successful VC than I during the madness of the late 90’s. His Bio is impressive. Either he’s good, or he’s been fortunate. In any case his bank account is probably healthy enough. Here’s a link to his blog

Best Advice

Best advice I can give?

Don't listen to me.

When I encourage you, take it with a grain of salt.

When I disparage you, take it as a challenge to prove me wrong.

English is a dying language.

With filler noises such as "um, err, you know, like etc." a conversation that requires 2 minutes will stretch out to 20 minutes. It bothers me greatly, because such a conversation tells me the other person has not fully thought about what he wants to say, how he wants to say it.or what the point is.

How do you know that your message got accross, when you can't even figure out the message yourself?

Final thoughts

I was at a memorial service, and a friend wondered what the deceased would have wanted us to be doing at that time. The deceased was never religious, and while a somber ceremony would have appealed to his sense of grandiose, his true nature was one that was more upbeat. "I'm the guy who always laughs at a funeral." Was an accurate way to describe his attitude.

Why you?

This is one of the questions you have to answer to get VC.

Any good VC will see plenty of investment opportunities on his desk.
Why you?
How will you return the capital invested, and a good return?
Why you, vs. every other investment instrument available now, or in the foreseeable future?

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