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CNN article on melting Himalayan glaciers

CNN's article on what is a known problem among certain circles.  As the problem gets worse, we will start to see the impact.  When we already have 3 nuclear equipped nations looking at the same source of water, and blaming each other for taking it, it is a challenge.  When 2 of those countries are among the most populous in the world, it bodes for a long and challenging solution.
We haven't seen

From Yahoo, WSJ article on fewer start-ups

Here's something that wasn't mentioned in the article.  Most of those start-ups fail.
Most start-ups fail, no matter when/where/who factors are invovled.
So the fact that there are fewer start-ups

Salon and Robert Reicht on unemployment and debt

Here's the challenge.  When times were good, the government failed to pay down debt, and instead kept spending, federal/state/city the budgets were written and the money spent.  The dicipline to pay back the debt seems to be missing.
I agree that unemployment will continue to rise.
The challenge with the US Fed being able to keep buying up product in order to bring back the economy is that in a global net

Teen Stores Cater to the Ones With Money - The Wall Street Journal.

So the trick is to sell to the people who control the purse strings. What a surprise. 

Teen Stores Cater to the Ones With Money 

NYTimes: Now Even Millionaires Can See the Benefits of Budgeting

From The New York Times:

WEALTH MATTERS: Now Even Millionaires Can See the Benefits of Budgeting

Even the wealthy have grown cautious about managing personal income.
Does one buy a Porsche or an Acura?

The part that made me take notice was a drop in long term invesments
like VC or private equity. There are fewer and fewer pools of capital
to act as limited partners.

Who is spending today?

I don't know.
In the US, we seem to be getting bad news after bad news. 
Cash for clunkers is a "success"  But most of those cars would be replaced in anycase, and demand was brought forward, while free cash was given away.
So no sustainable volume increase from that event, and most likely a poor couple of quarters will follow the initial surge.
Housing is still down, so none of the services associated with housing, refurnishing, moving, etc.
Even soaps are going to th

NYTimes: Beauty Products Lose Some Appeal During Recession

From The New York Times:

THE COUNT: Beauty Products Lose Some Appeal During Recession

What price beauty? More consumers appear to be asking this question as
they rein in their spending.

NYTimes: Once Slave to Luxury, Japan Catches Thrift Bug

From The New York Times:

Once Slave to Luxury, Japan Catches Thrift Bug

In the current downturn, Japan's discount retailers are posting big
increases in revenue while just about everyone else is experiencing

20 worst VC investmetns

I don't know if that's true, there are probably a few more that are still torching a lot of money.
Other investments never had a chance, and should never have been funded.
While these are some high profile ones, I'd consider some of the money put in by VC's that was used as note/debt not equity financing.  Money is money, but different risk profi

Predictions of Christmas

Take a look at where we were in the spring. The buyers for this Christmas season had to get their orders in for the season back then. I'm presuming a nine month time lag from the time merchandise is ordered till it arrives at the store and on the shelf.

Thus the expected stock up of merchandise that we will see in November has already been ordered. Some has already been produced and is in the process of shipping now.
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