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Electric cars a national security issue

I do like support for EVs.  However, any statement of this type means the speaker will also consider tar sands, and shale oil.
I used to put Jim Woolsey in that category, but this past week I heard him speak at OnDC, and he took into account the challenge of using power that pollutes, or nuclear reactors (light water) that can produce weapons grade material

Short term thinking from Cato answer

I had asked how to get laisse faire policies to incorporate long term

Boazs answer was that government is focused on the next election. And
that companies were looking at a longer time frame.

The problem that still exists is that the management team is paying
attention as long as they they will be around. That time frame can be
shorter than the time frame of an election.

All in all the answer was lacking.

Jean-Luc Park

Optical black-hole

The idea of having a material that will completely suck in power is interesting.  Not using gravity, but instead using meta-materials to guide the waves down into one spot is quite interesting. 
This might finally solve the question of what is the "blackest black"?
It could change not only design but elements of color.
On the solar side, yes the key points were highlighted, ability t

What lessons have we learned?

How does a company that has survived the past year handle it? Are
there lessons learned over the past year? And what are they?

Do you chalk up everything that happens and call it an "extraordinary"
time and ignore it? No.

These black swan events, or one time incidences are going to repeat.
For the same reason you don't cancel flood insurance the day after the
100 year flood, you don't ignore the lessons of this past year.

NYTimes: Credit Vise Tightens for Small Businesses

From The New York Times:

Credit Vise Tightens for Small Businesses

Lenders are waiting to take losses in commercial real estate and
credit cards before loosening up money.

This is the new normal. Banks are not lending. They need the money in
reserve for the loan losses they know are on the books. No one who has
commercial or real estate loans out right now can feel comfortable.

Dallas funds are closing

From the wall street journal

But it is not just Dallas funds that are closing. All around the
country, regional funds are closing. Any fund that hasn't been able to
show a good return is getting no interest from institutional

Lack of sleep deadly

US News on lack of sleep

Evidence on the dangers of not enough sleep.  It is hard enough to get through and run a start-up.  Putting yourself behind by not getting enough sleep makes it harder to succeed.

Green building event at the Swiss embassy

It was an interesting event. Education on green buildings and the
differences in criteria between the united states and EU. How homes
that would be LEED certified in the US would not be allowed to be
built in some other countries.

Jean-Luc Park

Cleantech be the next big thing?

MSNBC proclaiming that Cleantech is the next big thing

By the time the mainstream press gets in on it, it is time for the early stage VC to move on.

We knew this day was happening, and it's come.

Not to say there isn't money to be made.  Only that it won't be made by the early stage folks, not in this space.

Time to transition and move to a different sector.

NYTimes: Southeast Drought Study Ties Water Shortage to Population, Not Global Warming

From The New York Times:

Southeast Drought Study Ties Water Shortage to Population, Not Global Warming

Researchers also concluded that rapid population growth was more responsible for the severe water shortages than rainfall patterns were.
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